Having clean and pure drinking water for you and your family is essential to sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Right now you depend on bottled drinking water or the government water supply for drinking water. Creative Water Solutions aims to create solutions to supply the world with pure water and eradicate many worldwide water issues. We are focused on delivering the many benefits that comes with pure water. We bring you Aquaria, the first household appliance that creates water at a superior quality.

Aquaria - Atmospheric Water Filters - The Benefits


Aquaria does not deplete diminishing ground water reserves and will not be negatively impacted by climate change. Water becomes cost effective since logistics, waste management and transportation costs are removed making it cheaper than other sources of drinking water. There is 12 Quadrillion litres of water in the atmosphere at any given time.


The water produced by Aquaria weighs out all other forms of water supply as it comes from the atmosphere utilising the fresh air that we breathe rather than dirty, contaminated ground water that needs to be purified. The filtration system is extremely effective in killing all bacteria and water born viruses. No chlorine, chemicals and toxins ensures pure fresh water daily.


Atmospheric moisture is used to create water making it a sustainable solution amidst a growing water crisis. Water is made on-site removing the need to be transported thereby reducing its carbon footprint. No waste products. Aquaria is the latest chemical free and ozone friendly technology that is going to change many aspects of water supply.

Introducing Aquaria

AQUARIA is the first commercial household water appliance that creates water at a superior quality, has a low-cost of ownership and is hassle free. 


City researchers may well have the answer to the city's water woes - a machine that harnesses water vapour in the air and simulates the natural process of rain. The answer to Bengaluru's water crisis, it seems, is blowing in the wind. Researchers at the city-based Scalene Energy Research Institute (SERI) have developed a Rain Tunnel - a technology that harnesses water vapour in the air and converts it into drinking water.

Available for domestic as well as commercial use once production begins next month, the former is capable of producing 30 litres of clean, filtered, drinking water within 24 hours (hot at 900C, room temperature, and cold at 80C). The commercial setup will produce a 1,000 litres in the same period of time. A plug-and-use model for domestic use. Work on the Rain Tunnel began four years ago at SERI, a 24-year-old organisation that does research in healthcare (mainly heart disease, kidney disease and cancer); energy; water and food. The technology was also patented about one and a half years ago.

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